Freight King



Transparently connecting shipper's directly with carrier's.  


Freight King provides a marketplace for full truckload, less than truckload, and intermodal  services to thousands of shippers across the nation.

We take pride in doing transparent business with shipper's and carrier's.  Our flat percentage fee allows shippers and carriers peace of mind knowing they are getting the service exactly as agree'd to each and every shipment.  We understand we can't bite the hand that feeds us nor the one's who are seeing the work through to completion.

We have Fortune 100 companies shipping with us all the way down to small mom and pop businesses allowing us to ensure we keep our carriers rolling and on the road.



Daily, Freight King is identifying the right equipment for customers' freight from a growing network of 25,000 local, regional, and national carriers.

All carrier's are thouroughly vetted prior to joining the Freight King network providing shippers peace of mind knowing their product is taken care of from loading to delivery.

Powered by the industry's best technology, smart people, and resounding commitment, Freight King is unwaivering in it's mission to provide the best in industry service each and every time. When we say we are going to do it, we do it. No Excuses.​

Why Us?


From spot freight to dedicated lanes, we keep your truck loaded and on the move.

Get paid on time, every time, with QuickPay:ACH/Wire Check/Comcheck options. We’ve streamlined the process so payment is never an issue.

When you haul shipments of all sizes and commodities for Freight King’s customers, you never have to worry about being able to contact Freight King in regards to a shipment. We are available 24/7 via phone, email, text message, or social media. If you need us, we are here for you at any time along the way!

Freight King focuses on building relationships that guarantee long-lasting business success.


Why Ship With Us?

Freight King's technology has digitizied the entire shipment lifecycle  allowing the ability to guarantee shippers  have access to the right information at the right time.

Every carrier in Freight King's network is thouroughly vetted and actively watched to ensure every load is booked with a safe and reliable carrier. 


Why Haul For Us?

Freight King's geo-location technology allows drivers to be located without downloading another phone app eliminating dispatch calls and emails.

Freight King provides carrier's three payment term options. We offer a 24 hr quick-pay, net 3 days, or Net 30 day terms by Comcheck and ACH.